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7 Types Of Content Themes You Should Add To Your Content Marketing Mix


One of the questions I get asked all the time as a professional marketing copywriter is: “What types of content should I be creating?”

It’s a great question and one that many people have an opinion about. So, I thought I’d share the answer I give – as it’s what I use in my own business.

Here are the 7 types of content themes you should be including in your content marketing mix.

Why you should mix up your content


No brand should produce and post the same content over and over again.

This is boring and can lead to audience disengagement. That’s why I’m a big advocate for the blended approach: where you create a content calendar with a range of content marketing options to keep things entertaining, informative and fresh.

But what about your brand guidelines?


Sure, you have your branding guidelines and you should keep some things consistent – like your tone, positioning and personality. Those elements do remain the same as that’s how you create a distinct brand identity that your audience can relate to.

However, branded content can still have a range while remaining true to your brand guidelines (therein lies the marketing skill!).

To keep customers coming back for more, you should vary your content up into different content pillars.


What are content pillars?


Content pillars are themes you can categorise your content into.

So, once you define your brand’s identity and positioning, you can then develop a list of content themes that you can create around. Once you have a list of themes, you can build content (written, visual and audio) around these and spread them out across a calendar.

That way, your brand always remains true to itself and also doesn’t leave your audience bored.

What content pillars should you use?


Great question!

I recommend creating a content marketing mix around the following seven pillars.

(1) Supporting the local community

Get out there and be an active part of your local community. No business exists in complete isolation, which means that, whether they’re geographically local, online, industry-specific or across the globe, you must get in amongst them.

Create content that promotes your involvement, such as supporting other people or businesses. This can include listening to them on stage, sponsoring their teams or school, eating at their restaurant or interviewing them. By creating content that reaches out to fellow community members, you can help each other and share each other’s stories.

Example: Here is a post from Christmas where Melotti Media donated to RSPCA NSW.


Why community content?
Because it demonstrates a sense of companionship and collaboration with people and brands in your network.

(2) Value-Adding

This is a big one. Create educational content that your audience can learn from or use to solve their problems, such as FAQs, blogs, interactive tools (such as a calculator), Podcasts, How-To Videos, eBooks and so on.

This not only helps them, but it’s also appreciated and raises awareness that your brand is one they can depend on when they face a challenge or need assistance.

Example: Other than this very blog you’re reading, below is an example of the educational tips that Melotti Media provides.


Why value-adding content?
Because by providing a resource that enriches people, you will be seen as a key opinion leader around a particular topic and it positions you as a trusted ‘go-to’ in your field.

(3) About You


Today, your customer wants to know more about the people behind the brand. This is why you’ll find your “About Us” page is quite highly ranked on visited pages of your website.

So, tell your story, share relevant information and explain your company vision, as people like to be associated and buy from brands that they resonate with.

Example: Here is the Melotti Media About Us page.


Why about you content?
Because it builds a relatable connection between you and your customers and gives them a complete picture of what drives and motivates you.


(4) About your clients


Most people don’t trust brands at face-value.

Why? Because they’re suspicious and they’ve got plenty of options to choose from. So, while you can tell them how amazing your product or service is, they often want to talk to someone who has used you before so they can feel more comfortable.

So, give them this! Provide case studies, client success stories, testimonials, appreciation videos and content that shows excellent outcomes.

Example: Below is a testimonial from one of Melotti Media’s clients.


Why client content?
Because potential customers love to see social proof from others who have worked with you and how they felt about the experience before they make their own decision.

(5) News and updates


Keep everyone up to date! People love being in the know, especially if you’re doing things that are interesting to them.

This means you should be sharing relevant updates, like when you’re releasing a new product, changing your branding, hiring new talent, offering a discount or if you’ve won an award.

Example: Here’s the Melotti Media team, winning the Champion Copywriting Business for the 2022 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.


Why news and updates content?
Because your audience likes to be kept in the loop about news that is relevant to them.

(6) Events


Every business gets involved in events, and it’s important to share this with your audience.

So, if you’re teaching a class, presenting at a seminar, selling at a local market, holding an auction or running a webinar session, notify people and invite them to come along. Welcoming their participation is a great way to maximise your exposure to people.

Example: Here is me teaching one of my classes in Sydney.



Why event content?
Because it allows people to get involved and spreads the message that your business is active.

(7) Humour


It can’t be work work work all the time! Even if you’re a serious brand, you can still have a light-hearted side sometimes. Just make sure it’s a relevant and on-topic joke (and keep it tasteful).

For example, poke fun at yourself or your industry or even about something topical at the moment.

Example: Here is a funny, yet relevant piece of humour we posted.



Why humorous content?
Because it gives people a bit of entertaining relief from all the serious themes and helps to build a nice rapport with your audience.

What’s the point of all these content themes?


It’s two-fold.

Firstly: by creating varying content, you engage with your audiences and develop a following because they love to see what you create next.

And Secondly: content helps conversions, sales and brand advocacy. When you build content, it guides people along their customer journey from stranger to purchaser to loyal follower.

How to arrange these 7 content themes

Well, there are 7 themes and 7 days a week – you do the math!

Ok, it’s ok- you don’t need to post new content every day (although you should!). However, if you create pieces around these 7 content pillars, then you have a really healthy cycle of content to choose from.

The best results come from planning ahead, building lots of content types and releasing them when they suit best. For example, Fridays will call more for humorous content, whereas Monday you may want to release educational content.

Just mix up your content and you’ll do great.

But how do you find time to create so much content?

You could do it yourself or get some pretty amazing copywriters to help you out! 



How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You?


To engage your customer and achieve ongoing business success today, you need quality copywriting and consistent content. However, we understand that this is easier said than done.

You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and content marketing needs!

For more information or to speak to a quality copywriter to get the results your business deserves, contact me now at enquire@melottimedia.com.au.

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti
Melotti Media Copywriting and Marketing Solutions

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