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The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt

Training ChatGPT to generate content that fully captures your brand's true personality, tone, positioning and uniqueness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and chatbots can support your business, but their AI output is only as good as the direction you provide.

This means that you need smart, accurate and brand-compliant prompts to start with. But how do you get a ChatGPT prompt as unique as your brand?

At Melotti Media, we offer The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt — an all-encompassing set of brand messaging guidelines meticulously crafted for wording, messaging, tone and comms that helps you train ChatGPT.

Our strategic Marketing Copywriters equip you with this 25-30 page document of branded prompts, so you and your team can unlock the power of AI to create captivating, engaging and highly effective content.

AI tools like ChatGPT have quickly revolutionised the content creation process.

ChatGPT offers unmatched efficiency and convenience by automating tedious tasks and simplifying content creation.

With just a click, you can now effortlessly generate ideas, conduct research, find answers to any question and summarise lengthy texts.

It's no wonder that ChatGPT has become an essential tool for marketers!

Bound by its programming and training data, ChatGPT often lacks the contextual understanding, human nuance and creative flair required to produce content that truly connects with your audience.

ChatGPT also can't embody your brand's unique voice and character.

In a market oversaturated with generic AI-generated content, this presents a significant challenge for your business in terms of capturing attention, standing out and gaining recognition among your target customers.

Yet without carefully crafted, strategic prompts, ChatGPT will struggle to effectively deliver the content your audience is looking for.

But what if you could provide ChatGPT with precise, strategic prompts to generate on-brand, clear and consistently relevant content?

With our Ultimate Brand AI Prompt, you can.

Imagine harnessing AI’s full potential to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

What is this Ultimate Brand AI Prompt?

The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt is a comprehensive and up-to-date foundation of relatable brand messaging that give life to your brand's voice.

It consists of a 20 to 30 page brand messaging guidelines that defines your brand's communication style and articulates your true business value.

With the Ultimate Brand AI Prompt, you can establish a distinctive spoken personality, making your brand easily recognisable and unique to your audience.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's included:

Swipe RIGHT through each of the slides!

With The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt, we give your whole team a way to write as your brand. For your brand.

Say goodbye to guesswork when using ChatGPT.

By integrating our Ultimate Brand AI Prompt, ChatGPT gains a deeper understanding of your business, translating your brand’s vision and unique identity into compelling content that resonates well with your audience.

Now, your team can effortlessly optimise and customise AI-generated content to address customer pain points and differentiate your brand from competitors.

So you’re considering The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt for ChatGPT with Melotti Media….

You’re making an excellent choice!

But you might wonder, how is The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt developed?

1. Consultative Marketing and Branding Workshop

We come together in an exploratory workshop, where we collaborate, consult and delve into the essence of your business and its future direction.

This synergy provides us with comprehensive insights into your company’s history, culture, core values, market positioning, target customer base, preferred tone of voice and unique brand identity.

During this process, you'll also play an integral role in brainstorming and strategy mapping, allowing you to share your branding preferences and how you envision your business being portrayed.

2. Strategic Human

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, our team creates The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt.

This becomes your central messaging guide across all marketing channels and serves as strategic instructions for ChatGPT. It ensures content is delivered with your desired context, tone and specific information.

Our Ultimate Brand AI Prompt covers everything - from Hero Statements, Elevator Pitches and Core Messaging (including Brand, Product and Service Key Statements) to Brand Values, Personality and Ideal Audience. It provides a solid foundation to steer your brand in the right direction.

3. Unlocking the power of ChatGPT

There are concerns about the quality AI generates for businesses, often stemming from inaccurate prompts that don't align with your brand's identity, values and unique selling points.

However, our Ultimate Brand AI Prompt resolves these issues. It helps you train ChatGPT and enables it to produce more relevant and tailored content that sets your brand apart and drives demand for your business.

Our branded prompt incorporates creativity, nuance, emotional intelligence, human oversight, as well as your industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

With this comprehensive document, you can now craft marketing content and business communications that capture attention, engage your audience and inspire positive action!

What kinds of content can you create using

The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt?

Once you put your brand messaging guidelines we’ve developed into ChatGPT, you can then train and instruct it to help you write anything you need for your brand.


Social Posts



Website Copy

…..and more!

What are the benefits of The Ultimate Brand AI Prompt?

AI Output

Give your team a reliable way to get the most out of ChatGPT when creating your marketing content

Be AI Content

Solve the issue of generic AI output with a brand prompt that incorporates a detailed explanation of all aspects of your brand

Blend Human Expertise with AI

As our brand guidelines prompt is created based on consultations, interviews and workshop strategies, they incorporate human-led expertise

Use ChatGPT like never before.

With our smart, workshopped and brand-compliant prompts, you can fully harness the potential of AI in content creation and achieve marketing success.

Let's empower you and your team with a perfect blend of AI and human expertise to effectively articulate your company’s value, make your brand distinct and boost your revenue growth - today and tomorrow.

How does a brand messaging guidelines become an AI prompt?

Download a copy of our quick guide to Core Brand Messaging Development and learn how we can workshop and define your brand - so you can get the most out of ChatGPT.

Achieve the results your business deserves with message marketing solutions and copywriting services by Melotti Media.

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