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Let's explain the Complete Brand Design + Messaging Development Service

Melotti Media + Font & Swatch have joined forces to build/rejuvenate your brand’s identity, design and positioning to place you at the forefront of your industry.

So, you're considering building or rejuvenating your brand?

With the combined force of Melotti Media + Font & Swatch, you’re making the smartest decision this year! 

Backed by our collective marketing strategy, creative skill, design excellence and expert copywriting, our two agencies define, establish, solidify and modernise your brand to help strengthen your appeal and relevance in the eyes of your target audience.

We work with businesses that appreciate how fundamental their brand is in the success of their business and want to work to give their branding the attention and development it deserves.

Everything your
brand needs to succeed

We provide clarity and control over the ideal attributes of your brand.

Brands that are inconsistent, undefined or vague don’t connect with customers.

However, so many businesses make this mistake.

For your brand to thrive in today’s competitive world, it needs to resonate with your audience. That’s where our combined forces come in to help you.

Build and rejuvenate your brand for success

With our complete Brand Identity + Messaging Development Service, you can clearly define all of the visual elements and core messages of your brand, from identity and personality, brand & logo creation, colours and fonts, tone of voice, hero statements, elevator pitch and more.

Let’s collaborate to strengthen your brand and clarify how you communicate to earn the attention of your audience.

All of your Brand: Identity, Voice, Logo, Collateral and Communication

A brand only derives its true strength and resonates with audiences when the business behind it has full clarity and control over its attributes.

First: what IS a complete Brand Identity + Messaging Development Service?

We are Melotti Media and Font & Swatch: your branding and messaging partners here to create, clarify and boost your brand.  

Our teams collaborate with well-established organisations of all industries to build a complete suite of branding elements that cover all communication styles – from visuals and auditory to feelings and emotions.  

With our holistic brand identity solution, we can reinvigorate your imagery, sharpen your messages and establish your guidelines – all to strengthen your presence in the market.

Let us explain this more in this video.  

Our Brand Identity solution will assist you to achieve:

Brands are far more than a set of colours, fonts and words. When defined, established and endorsed, brands represent value, exert influence, trigger recognition and inspire affiliation.

Second: how do you USE your complete
Brand Identity + Messaging? 

From ideation, conceptualisation and execution, our Brand Identity + Messaging package will embody your brand’s core personality and overall style.  

Whether you are introducing your business to the market, planning to refresh your current brand image or repositioning your branding to evolve with the growing expectations of audiences, Melotti Media and Font & Swatch are here to develop the true essence of what you stand for as a business. 

There’s no limit to exploring and developing your brand’s full potential. 

Watch this video to learn more!  

Hear From A Client

Their first-hand experience using our Brand Identity Document Pack
and how it revolutionised their marketing direction.  

“Chris and the team at Melotti Media collaborated with us to develop and refine our message, allowing us to effectively communicate with multiple audiences. It wasn’t just the copywriting services, but also the marketing strategy, guidance and advice that we found incredibly valuable during an important transformation of our business. We’re grateful to have Chris by our side.”

Nathan Simpson – National Sales Manager at Real Flow Finance

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Choose your package below!

Brand Essentials

$ 9,000 plus GST
  • For the business that needs to refresh and reinvigorate the definition of their brand for a new phase.
  • Messaging Workshop
  • Design workshop
  • Hero statements
  • Elevator pitch
  • Colours and fonts
  • Brand elements (refresh existing)
  • Key Deliverables

    ◉ Messaging and Design Workshop

    ◉ Your Brand Messaging Document

    ◉ Design Workshop

    ◉ Your New Colours

    ◉ Your Fonts

    ◉ Your Brand Elements

Brand Fortification

$ 26,750 plus GST
  • Our Brand Fortification package refreshes your brand, defines your core messaging and identifies your market position.

    The Brand Fortification provides you with the basics to refresh your brand and engage your audience.
  • Brand Essentials Plus
  • Design Workshops
  • Core Messaging statements
  • Our brand values
  • Our brand personality
  • Logo development
  • Creation of Brand Elements
  • Brand Reference Guide
  • Key Deliverables

    ◉ Messaging and Design Workshop

    ◉ Your Brand Messaging Document

    ◉ Design Workshop

    ◉ Your New Logo, Colours & Fonts

    ◉ Your Brand Reference Guide

Brand Bank

$ 38,850 plus GST
  • The Brand Bank is a comprehensive Brand Fortification plus brand applications, content plans and design templates.

    This package is ideal for a business that needs to create a new brand or completely refresh an existing one.

    It is your complete branding and messaging package to differentiate your organisation and engage your audience.
  • Brand Fortification Plus
  • Our ideal audience
  • Brand imagery examples
  • What we are
  • What we look like
  • What we aren’t
  • What we don’t look like
  • Social media templates
  • Content Action Plan
  • Video branding
  • Email & Letterhead Templates
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Key Deliverables

    ◉ Messaging and Design Workshop

    ◉ Your Brand Identity & Core Messaging Document

    ◉ Your New Brand

    ◉ Your Brand Collateral

    ◉ Your Brand Guidelines

    ◉ Content Action Plan

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