“Copywriter-AI Sandwich” Model: The Ideal Approach to Optimising AI for Content Creation

“Copywriter-AI Sandwich” Model: The Ideal Approach to Optimising AI for Content Creation

The Ideal Approach to Optimising AI for Content Creation

Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

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Did you know that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027?

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the pivotal role AI plays today.

AI has seamlessly integrated itself into an ever-increasing number of businesses. Serving as a co-pilot, AI promises to steer businesses towards the path of ultimate success by facilitating innovation, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

In particular, AI is revolutionising marketing for businesses.

AI effortlessly automates tedious marketing tasks, AI simplifies market research and data gathering, AI can analyse trends and AI streamlines the creation of various types of search engine-optimised content – all with just a few clicks!

However, there’s a catch to this.

As AI accelerates marketing processes, it may tempt businesses to skip crucial steps which can lead to big problems!

Let us explain using two important points:

Instead of thoroughly discussing project briefs and collaborating with teams for edits, businesses might solely rely on the content generated by AI.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t often result in marketing content that is accurate, relevant and aligned with your brand.

The market is becoming oversaturated with content produced by AI-based language models like ChatGPT and other automated copywriting platforms, so it has become increasingly challenging for your business to stand out and capture customers’ attention.

Without adding a personal touch and a distinct brand character to your content, your target audience may find it difficult to recognise and trust your business.

Of course, we can’t deny that AI brings remarkable efficiency and convenience to marketing.

Nevertheless, it’s still essential for you to strike a balance.

AI alone can’t help your brand rise above the noise and create a lasting impact.

So, the question now is:

How can businesses optimise the use of AI to craft compelling, engaging and effective marketing content that resonates with their target audience?

How can you harness AI’s full potential to remain relevant in today’s competitive landscape?

At Melotti Media, we have a solution that works. Read on to find out!

AI heavily relies on communication data

AI tools, such as ChatGPT, have quickly become indispensable for marketers.

They transform how blog articles, presentations, product descriptions, social media posts, websites and other types of content pieces are created, giving you the opportunity to redirect your time, energy and resources on more critical marketing initiatives that demand your expertise.

However, even with the many advantages AI brings to content marketing, concerns persist about the quality of content it generates for businesses.

Some of the challenges with AI-generated content include:

AI can’t recognise, understand or manage human emotions. It can’t also fully interpret nuanced topics, humour, sarcasm and even cultural references, so AI-generated content may not always resonate (or empathise) with your customers.

Instead of nurturing emotional bonds with your audience, AI heavily relies on communication data and patterns it can source online.

Think about this: How can you engage people and encourage them to take action if your marketing content doesn’t speak to their specific needs, preferences and emotions?

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Just because AI can write faster than you doesn’t mean it can always write correctly and accurately.

AI-generated content can sometimes lack the contextual relevance, industry-specific knowledge and expertise required that are necessary to effectively convey the information your audience needs.

AI can also suffer from glitches and technical errors that could compromise the quality of content it generates for your marketing.

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AI can struggle to completely reinforce your brand’s true personality, positioning and points of difference.

Without the right prompts, it won’t incorporate your content strategy and create content pieces that are aligned with your brand’s identity.

This is something you want to avoid.

After all, brands that lack clarity and consistency in their messaging are easily overlooked, forgotten and ignored by their target audiences.

AI in content creation

Just to be clear, though - we’re not saying that you should completely abandon the use of AI in content creation!

In fact, we’ve found a way for you to optimise AI in marketing while still achieving the best results.

And by the BEST AI CONTENT RESULTS, we mean:

✔ Not having to skip crucial steps that may lead to content becoming devalued.

✔ Communicating marketing information in a way that matches your brand.

✔ Building genuine connections with your audience.

✔ Distinguishing your brand from competitors.

✔ Getting conversions that contribute to business goals.

So, are you ready to effectively optimise AI in content creation and leverage its potential to unleash marketing success?

Let us introduce you to the “Copywriter-AI Sandwich” model – the perfect blend of AI and humans for marketing.

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What is the “Copywriter-AI Sandwich” model?

The “Copywriter-AI Sandwich” model emphasises the importance of humans and AI working together to accomplish excellent results in content creation and marketing.

It combines the efficiency and speed of AI tools (like ChatGPT!) in generating content with the creativity, nuance, emotional intelligence and human oversight that marketing copywriters bring to the table.

This model employs the image of a “sandwich” to effectively depict the layered approach recommended  when creating content using AI:

  1. The first layer of bread represents the initial involvement of an experienced human copywriter in providing educated inputs and strategic instructions to AI.
  2. The filling symbolises AI and the content it generates.
  3. The last layer of bread signifies the role an experienced human copywriter plays in reviewing and polishing the content produced by AI.

Why do this?

Well, by ‘sandwiching’ the AI-generated content between two layers of human input, this model aims to strike a balance between automation and human expertise, resulting in a high-quality, more tailored content that not only addresses customers’ pain points but also showcases the true value of what you offer.

“Copywriter-AI Sandwich” in your content creation and marketing

Here’s how you can use the “Copywriter-AI Sandwich” in your content creation and marketing

The best AI prompts often stem from a well-defined content marketing strategy, which typically includes:

✔ understanding your target customers,

✔ identifying the types of content they need,

✔ establishing a unique voice, style and language for your brand,

✔ determining an appropriate messaging approach, as well as

✔ defining the strategic and ROI measurements for your content.

This is where marketing copywriters like us can come into play!

We are well-versed both in comprehending and developing marketing strategies that shape your content direction.

As such, you can count on us to provide clear, concise and precise prompts that are aligned with your brand’s identity, values and unique selling points.

Marketing copywriters possess the skills and expertise to equip your AI tool with on-brand and strategic instructions, ensuring it delivers content with your desired context, tone and specific information.

So, you’re looking for a Sydney copywriter and not sure who to choose? Here are the best copywriters in Sydney, Australia.

Backed by its language generation capabilities, AI works its magic by swiftly generating explanations, research or content based on the prompts it receives.

Just keep in mind, though – AI tools like ChatGPT are ultimately limited by their programming and training data.

The prompts you input must be constantly checked and adjusted to get the desired response you need.

But don’t worry! With experienced copywriters like us at your side, you can easily optimise prompts that align seamlessly with your brand, business objectives and target audience.

Have a minute? Check this short video: ChatGPT is a helpful tool, BUT it has limitations.

AI-generated content doesn’t necessarily draw attention, engage audiences, convey a compelling message or inspire positive action.

This is where a marketing copywriter steps in once again, ready to review, refine and add final touches to the content AI has produced.

As human copywriters, we use our creativity, industry-specific expertise and human-to-human understanding to help you:

  • acknowledge customers’ pain points,
  • tap into their desires and interests
  • and influence their buying decisions.

We also use our temperament, emotions, nuance and ability to understand context to fine-tune your content.

Our goal is to ensure your marketing not only resonates with your audience but also meets their needs at each stage of the buying journey.

As always, we empower you with humanised content that distinguishes your brand and creates demand for your business.

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challenges that come with AI-generated content (to avoid!)

Marketing Copywriters effectively optimise AI in content creation to elevate your marketing

In today’s digital era where AI generic content is rampant, you want to keep producing personalised content that your audiences will gravitate towards.

This is where marketing copywriters, such as our team at Melotti Media, can support your business.

We offer a more holistic approach to content creation, incorporating human expertise, creativity, strategic planning and genuine empathetic care.

With the AI-copywriter sandwich model, we ensure that your marketing is effective, engaging and contributes to your overall business success.

Here’s why a business would choose a copywriting agency over ChatGPT.

How can Melotti Media help your business achieve success through human-driven content creation?

We understand that you want to stand out in today’s competitive market and achieve business success through human-to-human marketing.

However, you may find that you’re time-poor and spread thin or you still have a lot of unanswered questions.

You don’t need to worry.

At Melotti Media, we can assist with all your content marketing needs while you focus on what matters to you – growing your business.

Let’s start earning the results your business deserves! To speak to your trusted message marketers and copywriters, email us at enquire@melottimedia.com.au or phone 1800 663 342.

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