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What Does a Copywriter Really Do for You?

An interview with Christopher Melotti by Hudson Digital:

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Everyone’s heard of a “copywriter” or “wordsmith” or “ghost-writer”. 

But what do they actually offer your business? 

In this interview by Louise Booth – a personal branding coach from Hudson Digital – our very own Christopher Melotti shed light on the role of a copywriter and the ways they can bring so much additional value to organisations. 

Together, Christopher and Louise talked about the importance of branding and the elements that each business should use in order to maximise the connection with customers. Christopher also shared how copywriting contributes to a brand to help achieve business goals. 

Have a read of their conversation and discover how copywriting effectively articulates your brand messages for your audiences. 

What does a copywriter do?

Louise started off by introducing Christopher and asking him about the work he does as a copywriter.  

“Chris is a copywriter that’s going to be talking to us today about what copywriting is and everything in your personal brand. Because, as you know, you can’t really have a personal brand without content. And content requires copywriting – even if you’re doing a speech or something, you still need to have content and be able to articulate yourself in words. So, please introduce yourself.”  

My name is Christopher Melotti. And I am the founder and head copywriter of Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau.   

So basically, we help you develop your brand’s core messaging, tone of voice and identity, and then write results-driven marketing content with award-winning copywriting services. Like you said, my specialty as a copywriter is helping people basically articulate everything that they need, and everything that’s important to them, to the people who matter most, which are their customers.” 

Christopher emphasised that as copywriters, it’s their job to develop the message from brands like yours, and then make it customer-friendly and accessible for target audiences. 

As a follow-up question, Louise asked Christopher how copywriters help brands express themselves better and convey their unique selling points in a way that people will notice. 

“Pretty much every one of my clients comes to me for this reason. And it’s because they know their brand – back to front and left to right. I don’t get in the way of that because I know that they know their brands better than me. However, what they struggle with is that they don’t know how to articulate it in a customer-friendly way.  

So, for instance, these things in tech, innovation, crypto and all that latest stuff that’s going on – you know that they have engineers and incredibly smart people who build platforms that can do everything a client or a customer needs. But then, they put the solution out there and still get no sales. And it’s because a lot of the time, they’ve written it based on their experience and their assumed knowledge.  

And so, what happens is the client or the customer – the ideal person – overlooks it because they just can’t understand how it’s relevant in their lives. But that’s something a copywriter does for you – we specialise in helping your brand, your service offering and your product offering become more relevant to a client.” 

Christopher reiterates that it’s often hard for you – as a brand – to talk about what you know and what you do as a business. So, copywriters put themselves in your customers’ shoes and offer a fresh external perspective to find the messaging that works. 

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What makes copywriting different?

According to Louise, most people assume that they are good at copywriting just because they know how to write. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that it can take years to get good at copywriting. 


“Yes, we use words but the skill behind copywriting is the articulation part and the fact that we can look objectively at the content – like knowing when the client would not enjoy it, when to rearrange things and when to change the flow.  

I call this an upside-down triangle, where you capture people at the real big top where you’ve got like all this stuff that pulls people in, and then draws them to a certain point where they take action.” 

At Melotti Media, Christopher’s 15 years of expertise and experience in marketing and copywriting is also integrated into the writing services we provide to clients. He always ensures you are provided with words and a marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out in the ever-evolving business landscape. 

What are the common mistakes and pitfalls that copywriting corrects?

To understand the value of copywriting, Louise asked Christopher about the different writing pitfalls businesses should be aware of and how quality copywriters solve them. 

“What are the biggest mistakes that you think people are making with their writing?” 

Christopher started with the most obvious one: grammar and spelling. 

“Grammar and spelling, even the misuse of words can distract people. People often go – ‘oh, you lose credibility’ – but it’s actually one step worse. When you make a spelling error, people stop listening or looking at your message because their mind drifts.” 

Next, Christopher discussed the common mistake of assuming knowledge. 

This happens so much. I see a lot of brands assume that people spend more than five minutes learning about the brand, but people get bored easily. It’s important to capture their attention and talk to them about what they need first.  

Most often, it takes too long for brands to get into something that resonates with their audiences. But what a copywriter does is take all of that messaging and sharpens it.”  

The third writing mistake most businesses do, according to Christopher, is skipping steps. 

“So for instance, on a website, it’ll say something like – ‘Accounting software that helps you speed up your processes’. Then, the next step says, ‘Our software allows you to input data and make your backend admin much faster’. And then it goes already to the next part of sign up even when you’re still not ready. 

As copywriters, we look at the customer flow and say, ‘Where would their natural steps be before you earned the right to sell to them?’ It’s this kind of thing.” 

Louise agreed and stressed the importance of building credibility and trust before selling. She said that brands need to empathise with customers before jumping ahead to offering the solution. 

And for the last writing mistake, Chris talked about formatting. 

“You can have the best words ever. But if it’s very poorly displayed, it causes a big problem. This includes having big, long, bulky text and the lack of whitespace. 

Nevertheless, copywriters use little tricks such as making your website small with big headings or using small bits of text that people can snapshot to earn their attention before they get to a longer piece. Another is embedding photos using multimedia and videos – and the list goes on.”  

Christopher told Louise and her listeners that copywriting is not just about writing pretty words. Rather, it also involves fixing these types of mistakes – something that Melotti Media does best. 

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Copywriting for branding

Christopher and Louise also talked about the importance of copywriting in boosting a brand’s value. 

I think one of the other things I’ve noticed is – with personal brands, they have to write their bio, whether that’s on their LinkedIn profile, or for a sales pitch, guest post or publications. But people find it hard to present themselves as they’re worried that they’re being vain, overinflating or they just simply struggle in articulating themselves in the best light.”  

“In some context, like a bio, you have to say these things. You have to prove why you’re the best choice for them – and you have to go over and overboard.  

I just think a lot of people are underselling themselves, but you shouldn’t do that. The thing is – a lot of these awards and accolades we achieved, and the clients we work with – all of these are hard-earned. And they also help our customers choose us.   

Christopher said that it’s about being genuine regarding what you are and what you’re boasting about. 

We shouldn’t be hiding them away. We should be proud of these achievements – you know, as long as they align with your genuine perspective. But again, it’s in the wording. And that’s what I do with a lot of clients.  

When I’m doing their bios, I don’t ask them to write a draft – instead, I ask them to fill out a form. And then, they can put the truths down and I can just wave the magic with copywriting! That way, they won’t feel like they’re overcommitting.” 

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How does a copywriter build the best relationships with clients?

For the last part of the interview, Louise asked Christopher how copywriters work well with clients. 

“So, how would someone work with a copywriter? How do you have the best relationships with your clients? It takes both parties to get the best outcome. And I always hear that behind every great agency is a great client.” 

Christopher said that it all starts by ensuring consistency in tone, personality and core messaging – which is what we always do at Melotti Media. 

“What I do for all my brands, including my own, is we write down what our personality is and what our main messaging is, including our approach. That way, then, you can use these across your website or socials and things.  

And so having that core messaging, which is like your brand guidelines for your wording – having that, first and foremost, is important and essential for all of your consistency. Because that way, then your team is consistent also. So, then your clients or your customers always see the same brand. And they can relate to it, and it aligns with their values.” 

Christopher explained that getting to work with a copywriter really comes down to having a clear understanding of your objectives. 

So that to work with a copywriter or a quality writer, you need to be able to sit down and talk through what’s important to you and what your objectives are. The clearer you make that, the more that you have a good, solid understanding of the outcomes you’re looking for.  

You don’t need to know like exactly what you want. Because that’s, you know, a copywriter’s job. But what you do need to know is like maybe your goals – for instance: 

  • ‘I want to be known.’ 
  • ‘I want to become a key opinion leader.’ 
  • ‘I want to write a book, so that I can do X Y and Z.’  
  • ‘I’ll increase my sales.’  
  • ‘I want people to land on my website and know exactly what we do.’ 

When you have those objectives, then a copywriter can understand and see what you’re looking for.  So, definitely the point is – when you go to a copywriter, have clear thoughts in your mind. And then a good copywriter should save you the time, the effort, the expertise and all of that, so that you can get back to what you do best.”  

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Are you ready to benefit from the help of a copywriter?

Christopher and Louise also mentioned other advantages of working with a copywriter. Some of these include being able to scale your content marketing and maintain your brand identity without having to do everything by yourself.  

Furthermore, quality copywriters also know how to incorporate your overarching marketing strategy. They understand that your brand is your most important asset, so when it’s up for a change, they are also ready to come up with fresh yet relevant ideas than what you’re used to.  

So, do you want to know more about these benefits? Have a watch of the full episode of “What does a copywriter really do for you?” on our YouTube channel! 

How can Melotti Media help you? 

We understand that you want to achieve better results through quality content.  

However, you may find yourselftime-poor and spread thin, or you still have a lot of unanswered questions.    

That’s where we come in!     

At Melotti Media, we can assist with all your message marketing and copywriting needs, while you focus on what mattersmostto you – growing your business!  

Let’s start earning the results your business deserves!   

To speak to your trusted message marketingcopywriters, email us atenquire@melottimedia.com.au   

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!  

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