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How AI Makes The Balance Of Human EQ Vital in Copywriting and Content Marketing

Written by the The Melotti Media Team, checked by Christopher Melotti

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionising the world of marketing for years.

By leveraging big data, machine learning algorithms and other technologies, AI enables all types of businesses across a wide range of industries to:

  • gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour
  • speed up the marketing and operations process
  • automate repetitive, manual tasks
  • optimise campaigns that are data-driven, and more.

AI-based language models like ChatGPT and other automated copywriting platforms have also become prominent today, promising to help you generate information and create content in just a few clicks.

However, AI Copywriting and AI content creation comes with its limitations – and you need to know them first.

While it’s true (and exciting!) that you can take advantage of AI to enhance how you produce content for your marketing, it doesn’t mean you should completely cut out the human element of the entire writing process.

Smart marketers and business owners know that AI is not a complete substitute for human Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), especially as the majority of consumers make decisions based on what they feel.

To persuade people to act, you need to prioritise creating:

  • nuanced marketing content and
  • rhetoric messaging

Both of these mean you can connect with audiences deeply – and they’re also things that require you to tap into human EQ.

In this article, we’ll explore the value of human EQ in copywriting and content marketing and why it’s more crucial than ever with the rapid emergence of AI in marketing.

AI risks putting your marketing on “auto-pilot”. While that sounds great, your customers are too savvy, resistant and educated for an automated stream to resonate sufficiently, which degrades your brand in their minds over time.

As AI becomes more advanced, it makes business owners and managers realise the importance of human emotional intelligence when it comes to marketing.

Human EQ: Why it’s valuable in copywriting and content marketing

Emotional Intelligence (EI) which is typically referred to as Emotional Quotient or EQ, refers to the ability to recognise, understand and manage emotions – both your own and of those around you.

People with a high EQ not only can empathise with what other people feel, but they can also communicate better, respond in a more positive way and build healthier relationships.

Because EQ deals with human emotions, it plays a particularly vital role in copywriting and content marketing.

Why? There are three key reasons:

1. You need EQ to address pain points (which are typically emotion based)

When people are searching for content, they are also looking for validation that someone understands what they’re going through. They are seeking viable solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

Human copywriters and content creators use their EQ naturally to acknowledge these pain points and respond in a way that touches and reassures readers.

2. You need EQ to persuade (which requires an emotional connection)

Copywriting and content marketing is also about selling emotions. To successfully convince customers to purchase products or services, you need to make them feel truly connected with what you offer.

By leveraging EQ, human copywriters and content creators can tap into the desires and interests of people and influence their purchasing decisions.

3. You need EQ to tailor content (to find the emotions of different audiences)

EQ allows copywriters and content creators to put themselves in your customers’ shoes. It enables them to understand what drives people’s behaviours and actions.

With EQ, copywriters and content creators can develop content that’s more tailored to what customers need at each stage of the buying journey.

How AI makes human EQ more important in copywriting and content marketing

There’s no denying that AI tools like ChatGPT are adding value in their own way and can help your marketing and overall business achieve excellent results when used correctly.

But as the number of AI copywriting platforms increase and more of your competitors start to rely on them to mass produce content, the more you also need EQ to stand out and connect more closely with audiences.

To further understand, let us show you how AI makes human EQ more important in copywriting and content marketing – now more than ever:

1. AI can't read customers’ emotions.

Through human EQ, you can.

While AI has come a long way in recognising patterns in consumer behaviour, it still lacks the ability to read human emotions accurately.

So, even though AI can help companies identify which products are popular or which ads perform well, you can’t rely on it to connect deeper with your audiences. AI can’t also tell if a customer is satisfied with their experience or manage people’s objections or complaints.

This is where human EQ comes into the picture.

By being attuned to customers’ emotional states and responding appropriately, your human copywriters and content creators can produce more empathetic and personalised content for your customers.

2. AI can help you create various types of content faster than ever.

But emotional resonance is what drives real engagement.

In today’s saturated market, consumers are bombarded with a constant stream of advertisements and marketing messages. To cut through all the noise and clutter, you must create content that resonates emotionally with your audience.

Whether it’s a heart-warming video or a thought-provoking blog post, content that elicits an emotional response is more likely to be shared and remembered. Human copywriters and content creators use EQ to understand the audience’s emotional triggers and create content that speaks to people’s deepest needs and desires.

3. AI can collect and analyse customer data.

However, trust is built on emotional connections.

In this digital age, businesses can easily use AI to identify trends, segment the market and optimise content for search engines. But to build lasting relationships with your customers, you must foster trust and create emotional connections.

This is what human copywriters and content creators do.

They employ EQ to understand not just people’s needs, but also their values on a deeper level. Human copywriters and content creators ensure that your brand’s content resonates with customers and adds value to their lives – thus, giving people more reasons to become loyal and advocate for your products and services.

4. AI is only as unbiased as the data it is trained on.

EQ can help you eliminate biases as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the data AI generates can reflect the biases of the people who collected it. Content from AI can fail to show inclusivity and diversity if the data used to train it is already incomplete or biased itself.

Human copywriters and content creators, on the other hand, have EQ to recognise the characteristics and needs of your business’ diverse customer base. As such, you can trust them to avoid being biased and create more inclusive and empathetic marketing content for people from different backgrounds.

5. AI can ramp up your productivity.

But you can rely on EQ more to enhance customer service.

In today’s competitive marketplace, customer service can be a key differentiator for businesses. And while AI can help to automate some aspects of customer service, it can’t replace the personal touch of human interaction.

This is where EQ can help – it enables you to provide excellent customer service. By recognising your customers’ emotional needs, your human copywriters and content creators can deliver more tailored content and positive customer experience that foster loyalty and build a strong brand reputation.

AI is not a replacement for EQ

While AI is transforming the marketing landscape and can be a powerful tool for content creation and copywriting, it is not a substitute for EQ.

EQ is what allows you to understand customers’ feelings, as well as the driving force that helps you respond to audiences’ sentiments and enable you to emotionally connect your brand with them.

This is why the human element in copywriting and content marketing should never be eliminated.

Whether it’s writing marketing content from start to finish, improving the flow and content direction or polishing what AI has originally generated, human copywriters and content creators have the EQ to:

  1. engage readers
  2. convert them into loyal customers and brand advocates of your business.

In fact, this is what we do at Melotti Media.

As humans writing for humans, we provide a more holistic approach – incorporating human expertise, creativity, strategic planning and genuine empathetic care to ensure that your marketing content is effective, engaging and aligned with your business objectives.

At Melotti Media, we don’t settle on giving you generic content.

We are Message Marketers who help you build demand for your brand through bespoke messaging that engages your target audiences, inspires action through emotional connection and achieves results with content that reflects what your brand stands for.

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