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12-Month Simplified Content Marketing Plan

Here's your FREE month-by-month content to-do list! How good!

Always wondering what content to create and share each month?

We've prepared a 12-Month Simplified Content Marketing Plan template to help you remove all of the guesswork around your marketing and supercharge your business success.

Now you know what to do for the next year, what's next?

We can create all of the content you need for 12 months

Let us help you create all of the content!

Imagine! All of your year's content, sorted!

Hear From A Client

"Melotti Media genuinely cares about you and the work they produce for you..."

"Melotti Media has helped me with things like content marketing and EDM campaigns, and they are always available to chat through any marketing situation you have. They genuinely care about you and the work they produce for you. Highly recommend!"

Vivian Oppl - O'Brien Glass Industries

Why do I need a 12-month plan?

A 12-month plan gives you an organised and strategically-led approach to content creation based on your marketing goals.

Every month...

Remember, marketing doesn't work as a once-off.

It works when it's consistent, clear and aligned with your goals.

This helps you progress towards engaging more audiences, being more prominent, increasing brand recognition, expanding your reach and leading your audiences to convert.

These 12-month Content Marketing Plans really work

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Since working with Melotti Media, website page views increased by 51% and has experienced a monthly increase, ranging from 2.9k sessions to 7.7k.

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Since working with Melotti Media, O’Brien’s website traffic skyrocketed by around 400%, with a significant increase in enquiries.

Quality blogs earn great results for years.

This blog was written 2 years ago and reshared on social media recently. The result? People are reading this original blog once again and are staying on our website page for an average of 21 minutes! 

Well-crafted blogs, articles and website pages get thousands of views.

Melotti Media’s blogs, articles and website pages are getting thousands of views every day by people who are seeing our branding, getting exposure and converting into leads and customers.

We’ve made a difference for these brands – yours could be next.

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