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How To Build Your Brand With Storytelling Content


What makes novels more interesting, while lectures are generally boring? 

Why is a blog post different from an information page, even if they talk about the same topic? How do some brands captivate more audience than the others? 

The answer lies in a good story.  

Storytelling conveys messages in interesting and humanistic ways. It’s more than just providing facts  it creates value by connecting deeply with the audience’s emotions and personal experiences.  

Here’s how to use storytelling copywriting as a powerful tool to build and strengthen your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience.


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Let’s begin by talking about storytelling content. 

Humans have been telling stories to each other since our time began on this planet. It’s hardwired into our psyche and nothing’s changed today! 

Because of this, storytelling is a powerful component of marketing that transforms a dull and forgettable brand message into an engaging narrative. 

These stories are like any other: your customer is the main character, then there’s conflict, they discover your solution and it all works out in the end! Happily ever after! 

With the help of a good story, your brand becomes personally relatable and relevant in their lives.


Why should your brand use storytelling content? 

You might be wondering what stories have to do with your brand marketing. 

Well, newsflash  people today are smarter and more demanding than ever.  

Why? Simply because: 

  • They have immediate access to unlimited information. 
  • They have a very limited attention span. 
  • They don’t tolerate aggressive and pushy marketing 

​Storytelling, however, overcomes these challenges by turning technical information or product jargons into ideas and images that they can easily understand. It communicates, through an interesting narrative, how your products and services can solve their problems and can make their life better, in a relevant way. 

Have a read of this for more informationBranding Content Copywriting 

To see how storytelling content can benefit your brand marketing, here are some storytelling advantages.


The benefits of using storytelling content for your brand 

  1. Storytelling content entertains your audience – giving them more reasons to keep on reading and learning more about your brand.
  2. Stories trigger the emotions of your consumers, which makes them more open to responding to your call to action. Remember, buying decisions are 20% logical and 80% emotional!
  3. Storytelling content works on forming deeper connections and trust with your consumers, which in return, can translate into brand loyalty. 
  4. Sharing stories gives you a differentiating point against your competitors 

Keep in mind that to sell is to tell – telling quality stories is an innovative and inexpensive form of selling products and services, in a more mutually valuable way. 

And now that you understand how important storytelling is, it’s important to integrate your brand into this. 

Here are some tips on how to utilise storytelling content to get great results.



How to build your brand with storytelling content 

  • Personalise your main character according to your target audience.

    To connect with your consumers, your protagonist in your storytelling content must be relatable to them. It can be someone who shares similar needs or an expert who can help them by providing a solution to their real-life problems. 

    For more, see: Is Your Content Engaging Your Audience 


  • Work on putting your story’s best elements in from the start. 
    No matter how good your content is, if you don’t capture your target audience’s attention, it will be nonsense. So, pique their interest immediately by using a thought-provoking headline and an informative introduction. 


  • Clarify the “conflict”.
    Identify the struggles of your customers and talk about it as the conflict or problem of your story. Make your audience subconsciously cheer for your main character and trigger their desire for a solution. 


  • Provide a solution that solves the “conflict”. After you’ve connected with your audience by appealing to their emotions, challenges and problems, introduce your products or services as a solution they are looking for.
    For more about this, have a read of: How To Correctly Address Your Customers’ Pain Points
  • Provide data to back up your story.
    To make your story credible and your brand trustworthy, always support your content with proper research and accurate data. Then narrate how reliable you are in solving their conflict, too. 


  • Keep it entertaining.
    Talk the way your audience does. Use visuals and organise your stories so all readers can easily follow along. 


  • Ensure your story is authentic.
    People like content based on true stories. You can even use user-generated stories to create storytelling content that is authentic, relatable and memorable. 

Ok, it’s now your business’ turn!   

As you’ve seen, storytelling content is a powerful tool in building and strengthening your brand.  
However, we understand that crafting a compelling story is no piece of cake,especiallyif it’s not your thing and you already have a lot on your plate. 
Luckily, you can always rely onfreelance copywriting expertsto assist if youre finding it hard to write the stories you need.

How to hire the right freelance copywriting services

There are professional copywriting services offered by many local freelance copywriters who can cater to whatever your business needs. 
Quality freelance copywriterswith Marketing backgrounds are experts who can help you create the right types of storytelling content (audio, visual or written) for your business through their skills and experience. 
They offer various benefits without the ongoing costs of a full-time employee. 
See: How to hire a copywriter – the 7 steps your business should take.

A storytelling copywriter can write your stories and engage your audience while you focus on the bigger picture.

You have a lot of tasks that demand your attention every day. 
So, while creating engaging stories is extremely important for your business, you don’t always have time to do it yourself. So, simply reach out for help!

How can Melotti Media help you? 

We understand that you want to achieve business success by developing relevant, engaging and entertaining storytelling content. 
We also know thatyou’retime-poor and spread thin, and probably have a few questions. No worries! 
At Melotti Media, we can assist you with all your marketing needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.    
Let’s start getting the results your business deserves! 
For more information or to speak to a trusted copywriter, contact us now 
We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!

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