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Website Copywriting Case Study: Aesthetic Edge

The Situation 

Led by Dr. Jeremy Hunt M.B.B.S (Syd) F.R.A.C.S., Aesthetic Edge is a trusted team of highly qualified Sydney plastic surgeons renowned in Australia and internationally for their outstanding work, customer-centric approach and high-calibre treatment options.

From plastic surgeons and clinicians to administration staff, everyone in Aesthetic Edge has been meticulously handpicked to provide clients with an unparalleled surgical experience. Aesthetic Edge’s goal is to equip people with the patient care they deserve and the utmost confidence they need to achieve their objectives in life.

Through a well-written and effectively designed website that’s medical industry-compliant, Aesthetic Edge aims to raise greater brand awareness, engage wider audiences and provide added value.

The Objective 

Dr Jeremy Hunt of Aesthetic Edge reached out to Melotti Media to revitalise their current website, as he was worried about the content not being compliant with the industry’s advertising rules.

For Dr Hunt, this was a good opportunity not just to improve their website’s design and user interface but also to refine their overall website messaging to compel more people to contact their clinic.

After all, the primary objective here was to showcase their brand in a way clients will love. This can be achieved by highlighting Aesthetic Edge’s credible reputation and years of expertise, as well as communicating their genuine commitment to supporting clients and helping them achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Solution 

Melotti Media recognises the importance of aligning the website copy and design to create a valuable and consistent experience for customers. So, in order to provide Aesthetic Edge with a cohesive and impactful website, the Melotti Media team invested significant time and effort to fully understand their tone of voice, language, style and true brand identity.

During the collaboration process, Christopher of Melotti Media went the extra mile to ensure an in-depth understanding of Aesthetic Edge’s unique value. One of the meetings took place over the phone while Dr Jeremy Hunt was on a two-hour car trip, demonstrating Melotti Media’s commitment to capturing the essence of Aesthetic Edge’s brand.

Equipped with a deep understanding of Aesthetic Edge, the Melotti Media team then focused on creating a website copy that not only conveyed Aesthetic Edge’s sincere approach to their craft but also provided answers (and reassurance!) to their client’s concerns and enquiries.

Aside from making the website messaging informative and industry-compliant, Melotti Media also connected Aesthetic Edge with their trusted local photographer to ensure their website had interesting, unique and value-adding visual content that will captivate visitors and boost their online presence.

The Outcome  

After a comprehensive makeover of their website, Aesthetic Edge was able to exemplify what sets them apart in Sydney’s competitive plastic surgery industry.

Their website now boasts a fully compliant copy and an exceptionally sleek design, paving the way for Aesthetic Edge to leave great first impressions, improve visitor retention and rank well in search engine results.

Aesthetic Edge has also witnessed a remarkable surge in website traffic after improving its website, leading to a substantial increase in inquiries and overall engagement. All of these outcomes are a testament to the successful collaboration between Aesthetic Edge and Melotti Media, which has proven instrumental in driving the clinic’s online success.

Aesthetic Edge - Plastic Surgery

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