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Copywriting Case Study: Real Flow Finance


Real Flow Finance is a non-bank lender and fintech business supporting the Australian real estate industry through innovative financing. They have several products for different customers in the industry, including Commission Flow for real estate agents, Campaign Flow for people selling their homes and Style Flow for professional home stylists.

Nathan Simpson – National Sales Manager at Real Flow Finance

“Chris and the team at Melotti Media collaborated with us to develop and refine our message, allowing us to effectively communicate with multiple audiences. It wasn’t just the copywriting services, but also the marketing strategy, guidance and advice that we found incredibly valuable during an important transformation of our business. We’re grateful to have Chris by our side.”



Real Flow initially approached Melotti Media to help them rewrite their Campaign Flow website. They wanted to ensure real estate agents understood the true value their business provides. By making Campaign Flow’s messaging more appealing, Melotti Media aimed to help the business earn a stronger following and more quality conversions.


The Melotti Media team developed the right website messaging that enticed and appealed to agents by addressing their pain points and restructuring the entire website.

The website messaging was rewritten to focus more on the relevant benefits of the offer. Due to the success of this website project, Melotti Media has since been tasked to rewrite all materials and content for Real Flow’s other products: Style Flow, Campaign Flow and Commission Flow. This involved writing all of their websites, brochures, blogs, press releases, social media posts and more.


The Real Flow team has been very impressed with all of the materials that have been produced and as a result, have seen a higher uptake of customers, a stronger presence in the market and has secured many other exciting initiatives within the industry.

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