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What Is Copywriting For A Website?


Your business absolutely must be present online, and it must be making an impact there if you want to see success.This comes mainly from your website.

​A website is made up of both copy and design; both of which should work together to create a valuable experience for your customer as they browse.

So, what is copywriting for a website?

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Your website is so important today because, in the chaotic superhighway that is the Internet, it’s the only digital asset you truly own and control. This means that it plays an important role in attracting, educating and converting your audience. Let’s not get too technical here: copywriting for a website is just that.

You can’t have a blank website. It has to have absorbing pictures, videos, bios, descriptions, headings, links, blogs, articles, and so on. All of these ‘elements’ involve copywriting.

Basically, copywriting for a website is the construction of written elements which get put together in a logical order to build an online platform where your public can visit and interact with, to learn more and engage with your business. If this is done well, you will offer great value to your audience and they will become familiar with your brand, which leads to successful conversions, brand awareness and sales.

But let’s delve a little further to give you some more in-depth information.


The two forms of Website Copywriting

If your business has a website (which it should) or you’re familiar with eCommerce, then you’ve probably heard about ‘web copy’ and ‘web content’. Well, both of these come under the umbrella of website copywriting. Both play a role in online audience engagement and are important when building and maintaining your website.

What is Web Copy?

Copy is using well-written words to convey a message, with the aim of making a transaction. It’s the output of copywriting (so, a copywriter writes ‘copy’). Hence, web copy is the copywriting you find on a digital page.My home page is full of web copy, as are most home pages- why? Because a Home page is the first page people visit and it has to hook them with your sharp selling messages to tell people what you can do for them.

It’s ‘top of the sales funnel’, in that its main goal is to generate leads.

For example:

  • On-page text
  • Taglines
  • Home page copy
  • Landing pages
  • Product messaging

Basically, it’s the central ‘selling’ text which guides people across every page and spurs them to action. Web copy delivers the core messaging that you wish to pitch to them. It requires solid titles and ‘hooks’ to get people interested, as well as intrigue and value, because it addresses their needs on a personal level.Obviously, this definition is for websites. Web copy also extends past this to any other form of digital text, like social media, emails, online newsletters and banners, etc. Anything that communicates a positioned message and an associated call to action, is web copy.

What is Web Content?

This is where definitions can get a little tricky. Web content is all the additional information and media on your website that is more informative and educational. It’s the pieces of your website where people are invited and willing to delve because they’re invested, rather than skim.This makes it more ‘bottom of the funnel’, because it’s about building trust through familiarisation.

For example:

  • Product descriptions and ingredients
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Executive summary
  • About Us
  • Meet our Team
  • News and press releases

Basically, web content plays its role after your main message (ie: web copy) has been delivered, and now the focus is less on the direct sell, and more on the long-term Marketing to get people to invest in your brand. Web content nurtures, informs and entertains, and therefore, the elements of your website that people like to share with others.Your customers don’t share your home page or your selling banners, but they do share your videos, blogs and useful content.


How Can Melotti Media Copywriting Help You With Your Content?

At Melotti Media, we understand that high quality copywriting is essential for business success, but it is easier said than done. You’re time poor and spread thin, and writing isn’t your expertise. So, focus on what really matters, while we take care of all of your copywriting and marketing needs!If you need further clarification about content, or if you need a quality copywriter to get the results you need, contact me now at info@melottimedia.com.au. Or leave a comment, below.

I can sharpen your words to achieve your goals, today!

Christopher Melotti

Melotti Media Copywriting and Message Marketing Bureau


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