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Learning A Language With Technology

There are many advantages to learning a new language, including improving your memory, stimulating neuroplasticity, increasing your attention span and training yourself to multitask, not to mention making you more worldly and improving career prospects.

However, how do we make time in our busy lives to study a second language of our choosing? With the use of technology, of course!

Hello all!

One of my life long goals is to learn languages, however with the hustle-bustle of everyday, how can find the time to dedicate hours studying a language?  

Well, modern technology has solved this problem with smart phones, tablets and amazing apps. 

I found this completely free app called Duolingo, which is completely ad free and simply amazing! 

This app claims that it’s scientifically proven for someone to learn a language to a solid level over just a couple of months, by dedicating half an hour each day! Easy, if you’re like me, stuck on the bus each morning and afternoon to and from work.

Duolingo lessons are short and straight forward, with assistance at every step of the way. It’s clean and clear and simply a joy to use. 

It also offers a multitude of different languages which can be accessed by everyone from beginners, to people that wish to brush up their language skills.

Learning a new language does wonders for the brain- it’s like intensive brain training every morning, and can break up the monotony of your work-day’s activities.

I look forward to passing each lesson every day and the app allows you to track your progress, which is very encouraging. The app also allows you to add your friends so you can all motivate each other and share your progress.

The lessons range from voice recognition and pronunciation, to visual cues, word matching and so on. It’s so simple and easy, and you progress through stages that build upon previous lessons. I quite liked the fact that it reminds you to go back and brush up on earlier lessons to ensure that you don’t forget the basics. Very clever.

Upon completion of each module, you earn points, called “lingots” that you can spend to unlock bonus content, such as ‘sayings’, ‘idioms’ and ‘learning how to flirt’! These were a nice perk and an interesting addition. 

Additionally, you can create a universal log-in, which stores your progress, regardless of whether you’re using multiple platforms: so, if I use my phone on the bus and then wish to continue on my iPad at home, it keeps my progress so I don’t have to repeat anything.

Obviously, I cannot rave about this app enough! It’s a very thorough system, with an enjoyable interface and no bugs or errors (that I could see). I’m very impressed and I hope that many more will join me on this app!

Just on their website here: https://www.duolingo.com/ or find their app in the iTunes App Store, or Android’s Play Store today and enjoy the benefits! 

Grazie mille! 🙂

Christopher Melotti

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