12-Month Customised Content Marketing Plan

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12-Month Customised Content Marketing Plan for 2024

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12-Month Customised Content Plan

Why do I need a 12-month plan?

A 12-month plan gives you an organised and strategically-led approach to content creation based on your marketing goals.

Every month, you'll have...

These 12-month Content Marketing Plans really work

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Since working with Melotti Media, website page views increased by 51% and has experienced a monthly increase, ranging from 2.9k sessions to 7.7k.

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Since working with Melotti Media, O’Brien’s website traffic skyrocketed by around 400%, with a significant increase in enquiries.

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Who is Melotti Media?

Led by renowned Marketer and Copywriter, Christopher Melotti, we are an award-winning full-service Sydney Copywriting Agency trusted by multinational corporations and small businesses alike, across different industries and professions, collaborating on everything from website writing and sales collateral to brand guidelines, marketing strategy and more.

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