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Let's explain Content Marketing Plan Development

Here's how we provide you and your team with the specific content ideas and topics to ace your content marketing!

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This is something we specialise in. 

We’ve helped so many brands develop a strategic piece-by-piece content calendar that removes all of the guesswork and supercharges content marketing success!

Don’t be left wondering what content
to create!

A Content Marketing Plan is your piece-by-piece guide for all of your content marketing!

The pieces of content you share across all of your channels can't just be 'try-on-the-fly'. They must be strategically planned towards achieving your goals.

Melotti Media’s Content Marketing Plan Development helps you with this!

We provide your business with a content to-do list that sets the exact pieces of content, topics, themes and channels that are aligned with your business goals to help you unlock the full potential of a content marketing strategy.

First: what IS a Content Marketing Plan?

Our Content Marketing Plan Development service builds a bespoke month-by-month content blueprint for your business that paves the way towards content marketing success.

It puts your content marketing strategy into action, eliminating all the guesswork around what content themes to share and provides your team with a clear-cut, on-going guide around what specific content to create.

We do this by taking the time to really understand your brand, what’s important for you and who your target customers are, to come up with the best topics that are trending, SEO optimised and exactly what your target customers are looking for.

Chris will explain this more in this video.

Here's a quick explanation of our Content Marketing
Plan Development Services:

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Second: what does a Content Marketing Plan LOOK like?

A Content Marketing Plan is a document that stipulates the exact pieces of content to create, along with their themes, months and channels to achieve your marketing goals.

It’s a customised guide built upon your business’ objectives that you and your team can take and execute.  

We give this 12-month content plan to you directly, so you never have to wonder what to create and share with your audiences anymore! 

Watch Chris’ video to learn more.

What to expect from our Content Marketing Plan Development Services

Here’s an overview!

Hear From A Client

“Chris and the team at Melotti Media collaborated with us to develop and refine our message, allowing us to effectively communicate with multiple audiences. It wasn’t just the copywriting services, but also the marketing strategy, guidance and advice that we found incredibly valuable during an important transformation of our business. We’re grateful to have Chris by our side.”

Nathan Simpson – National Sales Manager at Real Flow Finance

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