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Nailing Your Message Marketing: Should I Invest in Quality Copywriting Services? 

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All businesses need customers – they exist, survive and thrive because of them. 

This means that, as a business, you need to have a robust marketing strategy with brand messaging that:  

  • ensures your customers are aware of your products or services 
  • piques their interest 
  • makes you relevant in their lives 
  • drives engagement 
  • educates your customers 
  • inspires them to make a final buying decision. 

Since message marketing has such a pivotal role to play in making your business a huge success, without understanding its importance, it can be pretty difficult to manage and run a profitable brand in today’s ever-changing business landscape.  

Let’s discuss message marketing and how investing in quality copywriting services can help you smash your marketing goals. 

To learn more, read: What is message marketing? 

Why message marketing is important for your business

As businesses, we are all aiming to get our products and services in front of our target audience in a relevant, strategic and effective way. 

But it’s not just about waving it in their face – it’s about proving your value.

To prove your value in a relevant way to your ideal customer, you need powerful marketing messages that articulate the viable solution you offer to their pain points.

It’s important to remember that message marketing is a process and to efficiently promote your business, it requires some real thinking time and attention to detail.

Anyone can write messages, but people are time-poor and highly distracted. It’s too easy for customers to ignore mediocre messages.

But getting that brand messaging right is worth the effort. 

Here are some benefits of executing a comprehensive message marketing strategy: 

1. Effective customer engagement 

For the longest time, marketing has been proven to be an effective tool to drive more engagement by educating them about solutions and inspiring action through appeal and desire.

2. Boosting sales  

Since marketing applies a range of ways to promote products or services, it supports more successful sales. Delighted customers will then evolve into becoming your business’ brand ambassadors, spreading good word of mouth.

3. Building relationships between customers and your business 

For any business to grow, you must build relationships with its customers. Marketing gives you an understanding of what your customers want so you can adapt and foster conducive connections.


A big part of message marketing strategy is written content, core brand messaging and marketing communications to drive customer education, engagement and conversions. By producing consistent and high-quality content, your business will establish credibility, drive the conversation and achieve success. 

By producing consistent and high-quality content, your business will establish credibility, drive the conversation and achieve success.

However, copywriting is often overlooked because everyone can write

Yep, everyone can write. 

But copywriting isn’t average writing – far from it. 

Just like professional design work is different from sketching or doodling. 

Your business’ website can have a slick design with immaculate detail, but if the messaging and copywriting are bland, confusing and full of mistakes, your audience will find little reason to stick around.  

Too often business owners invest resources into fantastic-looking sites without allowing enough for the copy. But unless you have content that connects, your digital shopfront is powerless – no matter how great the design is.  

In order for your website to drive traffic, your website content should be clear and compelling enough to inform and persuade audiences – a balancing act that pays off if done correctly. 

Despite knowing the benefits copywriting offers to your business, it’s easy to assume that with little to no marketing copywriting experience, you could spice up your own written content without any help from an expert. Sure, some people may have a natural flair for writing. You might have a colleague who just has a way with words or know someone with impeccable grammar, but that is simply not enough to produce compelling content.  

Copywriting requires a marketing angle, specific skillset and broad industry knowledge to effectively create content that can sell your business to the people who matter most.

So, it’s best to outsource your copywriting needs tocredible and highly experienced Copywriting Agency. 

The problem is that there are a range of different freelance copywriting options that are at different price points

The market is chalked full of copywriters and marketing agencies – all dedicated to what they label as “quality copywriting.”  

Unfortunately, all too often, most of these freelancers and marketing agencies lack what it takes to deliver quality copywriting. If you have a content machine you need to get off the ground, and not much budget to do so, it can be really tempting to opt for the cheapest copywriter you can find.  

Finding the right copywriter for your project depends on many factors. Budget, experience and timeline matter, but choosing a copywriter purely on price can weaken your final result, especially when corners are cut to reduce costs.  

Choosing a copywriter purely on price can weaken your final result, especially when corners are cut to reduce costs.

Cheap copywriting rates don’t often translate into quality service.

The old adage is true: you get what you paid for 

When you choose the cheaper option, you may end up having to spend more time and resources trying to fix the text you get back. 

If you want content that’s affordable, there’s more to consider than just cost and experience.  

As a business that appreciates the impact of quality content marketing and respects the value of premium copywriting services, it’s important to remember that you’re investing in more than just words.  

With copywriting, you’re investing in more than just words.

Producing quality marketing content involves creative thinking, well-executed research, experience and the skill to dig deeper into subjects. Expertise that comes at a price.  

Fee rates are important, but so is the value of SEO copywriting.  

Consider this: 

  • You can’t expect to pay $100 for a landing page with seamlessly optimised copy for your audience that you are intending to make millions of sales from.   
  • On the flip side, web copy has a long-term value. Once the copy is written, it’ll show up in the search results for a variety of keywords and encourage your prospective customers to convert for years. Sure, you pay once but its impact lasts.

It’s the same with all premium copywriting services. You’re investing in it, often as a once-off payment, but its value will be felt for years! So long as you don’t go the cheaper option.

By prioritising sustainable value with work quality, skill and an understanding of your business, you should choose to invest in a quality copywriting service at a reasonable price. 

Why you should choose a more quality option even if it's more expensive

Quality copywriting doesn’t always come cheap.  

As business owners and managers, we all want what’s best for our brand and hiring a quality copywriting service is an investment that delivers returns day after day. That being the case, it’s important to understand that the key factor of having quality content is the value it provides to your audience. 

If your content is ever going to compete against the almost 80 million other article posts published per month, getting the copywriting service of a high-quality copywriting agency ensures you get back value-adding content that has been written by a reputable and more expensive copywriter. 

How do you ensure you choose a high-quality copywriting service?

When choosing the best copywriting services to hire, take the time to do a little research 

The most profound and helpful research will come from reading client reviews and copywriter Google ratings. What are people saying about the service provider you’re interested in? If you have trouble finding reviews or testimonials online, ask the copywriter for references. Legitimate copywriting agencies and copywriters won’t have trouble referring you to two or three professional references. 

For more, read: How to choose a copywriter in 6 steps. 

Here at Melotti Media, we have countless satisfied clients who have achieved overarching success after hiring us to work on their content marketing initiatives. While we’re not the cheapest amongst the many Australian copywriting agencies, our expertise and knowledgeable team of professional marketing writers ensure you’ll get the quality you deserve (and what you paid for!). 

But don’t just take our word for it.  

The most critical factor when choosing a copywriting services agency is to ensure they match your unique needs and have your business’ best interests in mind. Remember, it’s easy to charge someone a fortune – and then not deliver. 

Investing in professional copywriting services is a time and money-saving way to produce the kind of quality brand messaging and content marketing that sells and builds your online presence – so it’s important to hire the best for your business. 

How can Melotti Media help? 

Like us, we understand that you want to achieve business success – and a powerful way is using content marketing and brand messaging that will drive results. 

However,you may find thatyou’retime-poor and spread thin or you still have a lot of unanswered questions.    

You don’t need to worry!   

AtMelottiMedia, we can assist with all your content marketing and copywriting needs while you focus on what matters most to you – growing your business.   

Let’s start earning the results your business deserves!   

To speak to your trusted message marketers and copywriters, email us  or phone 1800 663 342.

We can sharpen your words to achieve your goals today!   

TheMelottiMedia Team 
MelottiMedia|Copywriting & Message Marketing Bureau

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