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Month: July 2018

Self-Reflection In Business and the Effects People have on Each other

In a corporate world where it’s easy to look externally for inspiration, learning and even blame, there seems to be a lack of understanding into how valuable it can be to first look at ourselves and the team around us. Have you considered the importance of the relationships you have with both yourself and your …

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The Ethics Of Copywriting

As a copywriter, you come into contact with vast amounts of sensitive and confidential information from each client. It’s very important to treat this with the respect and privacy it deserves, or it may be a very short-lived career for you! ​ Let’s delve into the ethics and responsibilities of copywriting and content creation, as a …

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Why is Copywriting Important?

We see copywriting everywhere and every day of our lives. It’s on advertising and products. It’s behind the videos you watch and the PodCasts you listen to. It’s in documents, emails, books, pamphlets, white papers and all kinds of content. Because of this, copywriting can get taken for granted and often underestimated, because there is …

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